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You work for the Museum Tiffai Antiquity, a respected history museum in a the city of Carile, capital of Laderin. The Museum is extremely well known and is famous for its wide range of various antiquities, including statues, jewelry, textiles and more from otherwise mysterious and faraway places. The head of the museum is Director Joana du Brodin, a renowned scholar.
You work in the Exploration Division, which is tasked with gathering new artifacts (either via exploring new lands, following up on leads, mixing with locals, or meeting collectors abroad to purchase things from them.) Professor Marshall is the head of your division, an older man who used to travel widely in his youth. Now he is too old to continue his adventures, but he’s known as a wild card that’s happy to bend the rules if it’ll get him better results. You and the rest of your group are the backup assigned collection of antiquities and treasures squad (cats).’
You are paid a base salary which is enough to support an apartment in the surrounding suburb along with some extras, along with a commission % cost of anything you bring back and bonuses for particularly valuable items or for things that you pick the lead up on yourself. Once you are at a higher level, the Museum will offer additional incentive programs accordingly.

New world, see map. The home base is the Museum of course, but assignments will take you all over the world.

Based on the setting, most characters would fit approximately:
-Explorer/fighter (fighter/barbarian/ranger)
thief/dungeoneer, (rogue/barbarian)
local knowledge/rumors/party front, (bard)
archaeologist/magic expert/appraiser (wizard-sorc-warlock)

or something like that. Flavortext for the situation
No restricted alignment

Background -You’re on the same exploration team so you all need to have some history with the museum. Maybe some of you have served on this team for a while. Or you are a friend of Marshall or something like that, or a museum docent who wants to see the world and use your knowledge.

Home Page

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